Arlesey Town Youth U9’s

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Arlesey youth U9’s play in the Royston crow league on Saturdays. We train Tuesday nights at lordship school in letchworth during the winter months and at Arlesey recreation ground during the summer.

we are a team firmly focused on development.

we are coached by uefa c licensed Chris and assistant coach Jamie.

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Great game of football for the boys today.Every single one of them where brilliant.1) Blake.Was doing really well defensively, but was set a challenge to have 3 touches of the ball everytime he got it, this lead to him getting on the ball and being brave in possession, and ultimately led to at least one of our goals.Man of the match for workrate and for taking on board a challenge and giving the challenge 100% 👏2) jadenBrilliant work rate and he kept making really good runs into space between defenders, on another day he gets passed to loads in those spaces, did well to keep making the runs despite not getting the ball there.3) denys Absolute brilliant performance, felt like something would happen every time he got possession, worked incredibly hard getting back to defend as well.4) elliot After last week's passing masterclass he decided to spend the whole game dribbling and taking players on, showed some great skills, unlucky not to score.5) liamHis best work today probably went unnoticed, dropping into defensive holes and helping protect the goal, looked good going forwards as well. As usual could have a highlight reel of skills to himself. 6) james.Bagged himself a brace, worked really hard, another who took on a coaching point well during the game about pressing/gambling on players missing the ball or making mistakes.I will send a thanks to the opposition for the loan of harry and will who went in goal for us, both seemed really nice kids.Lots of positives to take from the game.The next 6 weeks of training we will be focusing on ball mastery, so we may find they will have a tendency to dribble lots and possibly lose possession a lot in games. This is nothing to worry about. The more comfortable they get on the ball the easier the game will be for them in the long run.Let's go arlesey
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Big game from the boys, some of the stuff we have been working on in training was beginning to show through.1) harry bCracking game, worked himself to a standstill, .ade some big tackles and some big saves2) CharlieSome brilliant defending, his scanning is really top draw. Really good performance.3) denysAnother brilliant showing from Denys, worked extremely hard, always willing to take people on.4) elliotUsual array of skills but really started to use his passing skills to. Good showing from the ginger Pele 🤣5) liam.Another display of brilliant skills and quick feet, worked really hard going forwards.6) jaden.Super showing from jaden, growing into every game now, worked really hard and was really brave with the ball.7) jamesAnother who worked really hard, showing real bravery with the ball, always prepared to drive forwards.8) BlakeMassive game from Blake, worked his socks off, made some outstanding tackles and got on the ball well. Man of the match.9) harry pHuge game from harry p, work rate was Brilliant, brave with the ball at his feet and also found some good passes, especially the one to set up denys brilliant strike.Great game all round, every single on of them came off knowing they had really Worked hard.
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First session in a new block, receiving and passing
The boys during there minutes silence.We will remember them