Arlesey Town Youth U12's

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We are an U12 team playing on sundays in the royston crow league. a friendly set up with most of the players coming from the same junior school.

firmly focused on development as players and people the team are coached by Chris and Matt. Chris is a uefa c level coach and matt has over 20years experience in coaching.

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Close close game today.Was really worried we would be having results like last week every week, but the boys pulled a big performance out the bag.Unlucky to lose, having hit the post twice and created a good few chances. Only having a couple of giants playing against us helped too 🤣1) ruebsAnother top top showing, good starting position and quick off the line.2) carterRan and ran, used in a slightly different role later in the game and understood the task well.Good display 👏 3) noahAbsolute rock at the back today, won a lot of tackles against some very big kids.Showed a couple of moments of magic on the ball too.4) jackHit some lovely passes to beat the press and get us on the attack, worked really hard defensively. Big game 👍5) cliffyHuge battle in the middle of the park against a kid that dwarfed him, won everything and used the ball really well. Did really well to follow in to put the ball in the net for us.Man of the match.6) AdamWorked himself to a stop, always willing to get forward, once again linked really well with arch and the wide players.7) daintsBattling performance today, like carter came on later with a slight tweak to our game plan and really understood the role.Showed some really neat footwork with the ball.8) lewisPocket rocket, never stopped running, moved more central later in the game to give cliffy a hand, got us moving forward really well on a good few occasions including for the goal.9) archHad to do a lot work with his back to goal, and he did it really well, really beginning to link play when players make of the ball runs around him. Really big game from him.10) brooksyWorked really hard, had some moments of real quality on the ball, beginning to really understand the wide role.11) ryanWorked his socks off, unlucky not to have an assist to his name from a great pass to Adam (when he hit the post)12) willWas really coming into the game, was working hard on the defensive side of things and was linking really well with the players around him.Big game from everyone out there today, every single player can look in the mirror and know they gave 100%Home vs another very strong side again next weekend.Let's go arlesey
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Boys during a very well observed 2 mins silence prior to a derby match vs Stotfold
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