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Why choose us?

EE is one of the UK’s largest subscription businesses, serving 25 million customers, backed by the UK’s fastest mobile network, and offering superfast connections in more places than any other mobile provider.

New EE does more:

Discover how you can live, game, work and learn better with all your tech, all in one place with the new EE.

EE home:

Technology can help our homes run more efficiently than ever before. 

EE game:

EE Game is here to take gaming to the next level.

EE work:

With EE Work, you can get all the tech and connectivity you need to work from anywhere with confidence, and to fit work around your life.

EE learn:

EE Learn is here to take the guesswork out of finding the right tech, with all the tools you need to help everyone learn safer, wherever they are.


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