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Who are we?

We are the world’s largest blockchain identity dataset, trusted by the world’s leading organisations.

Elliptic pioneered the use of blockchain analytics for financial crime compliance.

Elliptic powers the intelligence that helps financial services, crypto businesses, and governments make faster, smarter and safer decisions.

Our growing global ecosystem ensures our customers and partners know exactly how to stay ahead of crypto compliance, reduce risk and shape the future of finance.

What we do:

Elliptic provides blockchain analytics for crypto asset compliance.

Enable your compliance team to manage risk across 500+ crypto assets and fulfil regulatory requirements.

What we specialise in :

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What we offer:

We offer professional services packages to enhance your teams knowledge of crypto assets:

• Enhanced due intelligence - aligned with BSA, FinCEN, 5AMLD and other global requirements.

• Configure risk rules - consult with our crypto AML specialists to create or tune your risk rules.

• Crypto AML risk assessment- review, test and quantify risk exposure with our independent experts.

• Risk policies and procedures - design crypto asset risk policies from the ground up or lean on our experts for regular reviews of existing policies and procedures. Remain with the latest regulations.

What will I have access to?

• Regular webinars.

• Financial crime typologies knowledge.

• Weekly regulatory affairs update.

• Practitioner - led advisory.