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Who are we?

Cyber Bee is an IT service company specialising in Web3 and Blockchain, AI and ML, and custom software development.

Cyber Bee is a trusted partner for international brands from the US, UK, Canada, Austria, Germany, and UAE.

Services we provide:

• Web3 and Blockchain - we design and develop cutting- edge solutions using blockchain, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency technologies and digital assets for both startups and enterprises.

• AI/ML Solutions - our AI experts are dedicated to creating advanced AI models and systems that drive efficiency, automation, and innovation across your organisation.

• Software Development- we specialise in SaaS, web, and mobile development, as well as consulting, testing, and YX/UI design.

• Hire Developers- we will pick up to experts matched to fit your domain, company culture and project type.

What we provide:

Cyber Bee provides innovative blockchain and AI solutions for industries ranging from fintech to real estate.

• Web3 - we build robust and secure Web3 platforms that facilitate decentralised lending, decentralised exchanges and liquidity provision.

• Insurance - automated processes, fraud prevention, enhanced customer experience

• Legal - we secure documentation’s.

• Real Estate - transparency enhancement, streamlined transactions, improved operational efficiency.

• Fintech - improved payments, enhanced security, DeFi.

• Healthcare - secure data sharing, supply chain management and streamlined clinical trial's.

• Logistics- supply chain transparency, smart contracts and efficiency.

• Start Ups - innovative enablement , scalable solutions, funding and tokenisation.